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Essentially, there is only Love and what does not know itself yet as Love.  
As Love meets Love in form, as it recognizes itself, it spreads everywhere     waking itself up to its own glory! 
We are here as God in time, experiencing ourself in infinite diversity.  
Enfolded in mystery ground is groundless and groundless is everywhere making each now home.  
The hour of God is now as we step into the timeless eternal and know ourselves as that which we have aspired towards.
A mind of light is a mind that has fallen to its knees before the Heart and is open to Silence breathing through it.
The heart is what connects the One to its many faces in relationship without forgetting its essential unity and oneness with all.. The heart as it breathes through life is a living tantra, weaving its nondual suchness through relationship with all.
Transcendence is not a transcendence of the experience but a transcendence of the resistance to it. It is actually a total immersion into and embrace of the experience.  Doing that transforms the experience and the appearance of it.
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