Inquiry, Aphorisms and Poetry by Ellen Davis

Enfolded in mystery ground is groundless and groundless is everywhere making each now home where when entered is like a forgotten dream remembered.


The Unknown

The unknown is the vast field of life as it stands on that exquisite precipice between the inhale and the exhale that births lands and seas, suns and moons, and all of the mountains and valleys as the progeny of our loves and deaths. The unknown is the formlessness through which form is created and the form which to many hide the pure potentiality of formlessness. The unknown is the next moment that I step into now, as my arms open wide to embrace what comes before me. The unknown, the Silence, the Mystery accessed in time as NOW, is our birthright and the home where when we can rest, we birth and are birthed by eternities.


If you go deep enough into what you gauge as a center point of emptiness or silence, you will find no center point. Your notion of center point is where you are referencing from in relation to somewhere else. It is what gives you your sense of self.


The Play never ends, just changes. The process is its completion. Manifestation is God's dance of self-realization and experience in all guises. The awareness of "always already" does not preclude manifestation as a medium of time and process but infuses its eternal now reality into life.


The heart is what connects the One to its many faces in relationship without forgetting its essential unity and oneness with all. It is what fuels the bhakti; the love and devotion. The heart as it breathes through life is a living tantra, weaving its nondual suchness through relationship with all.


"Gone" is the story we tell ourselves about what we still hold onto.


If you know that time travels from now to now, that will infuse your stories with a taste of eternality.


Pain, suffering and forgetting are inherent potentialites or probabilities of Being and at an essential level, the play of Bliss.


Stillness is known when measuring stops.

When measuring stops there is no one of two to measure stillness. It is all one.

Time measures motion in space, motion and space measure time.

Beyond the relative, God measures time through stillness and stillness through Its many faces in time.

Within the relative, stillness cannot be measured as there is no-thing to measure and what is not nottwo (one), can see only its own reflection so there is no-one to measure, only the two, creating motion in space and time; the relative universe.

Within stillness lies the pole to the nonrelative. It would seem paradoxical that within the immeasurable non relative universe stillnesss is measured through time and within the measurable relative universe stillness cannot be measured!

Therein lies a value of meditation and bringing stillness into our lives.



On Enlightenment

I generally do not like to use the term "enlightenment" because as it is understood it tends to stigmatize or specialize within our awareness what is our "always already" true essential being thereby separating ourselves from the experience of it more. It is a term of assessment which employs the comparative, measuring mind in ways that I have noticed has tendencies to pull an aspirant into separating themselves in their belief and identification from that for which they aspire.

As soon as one speaks of the "real" as being what one thing as opposed to other things are or one speaks of the "enlightened," one speask from awareness that sees also what is other than real and other than enlightened. In other words, it is a term of measurement from a dualistic and relative place of awareness. There is nothing wrong with this and it is what we do to create markers for ourselves in differentiating within our Self-experience. But what happens is that the markers become bars rather than gateways to that realization when we believe ourselves to be other than "real" or that there is something to do to become "enlightened." As soon as we act out of the belief that we are other than that towards which we aspire, we concretize that belief and create tension obstructing the realization of that which is already, always, nondual suchness.

Enlightenment can be seen as the spacious awareness of what is prior to all conditions and conceptions and is not the end of Becoming which is the nature of manifest existence, but the (perceptually) unobstructed or unobscured unfolding of that unconditioned being, our true nature, as Satchidananda (essential Being, Consciousness and Love-Bliss) within manifestation.

We might ask, what is it in me or us that sees what enlightenment is and what is it in you that recognizes it? Is it not enlightened awareness itself? Only enlightenment itself can be enlightened. There is no one separate from anything to be enlightened in relationship to anything else. In that sense, the terms "nondualist" and "enlightened" are oxymorons.

In addition, enlightenment is not some measure of great knowledge attained. In fact the Truth Consciousness is birthed from the unknown and nothing previously conceived. So it can be said that in essence enlightenment is not knowing (and being at peace with it) and living in the realization of being no one. ;-)

Defining enlightenment is like trying to point to nothing, (and nothing pointing to itself). Enlightened awareness lives in/as the embrace of what is here now and a relaxation that allows for a fluidity and flow that doesn't hold to where it was or think it needs to be where/how it isn't, yet includes change and movement towards change. It is more a context of awareness allowing what is without dividing against it, or fixing an identity in relationship to it, rather than a specific knowing or achieved outcome. Whatever experience, no matter how profound, inclusive, far-reaching, multiperspectival, nondual or beautiful, whenever held to, becomes a concept and reflection of the identity holding to itself, and in that light it is no longer true, is no longer within the context of this fluid, breathing awareness. Whatever we can call enlightened or unenlightened are ideas, concepts and therefore experienced as separate from this living awareness that can only start from not knowing, from having no idea and the inquiry that breathes discovery and its truth from here.

If we are to look at a state of enlightenment as an achievement, we still find that the process of discovery and realization never ends. There can be a living awareness of what is prior to or not at the effect of conditions, unity consciousness, living eternity in time and nondual awareness, in an integrated, embodied way within manifestation and therefore freedom, liberation and/or "enlightenment" in an individual. But insofar as the individual is connected to or one with all other beings and in a body, until all beings experience and know themselves as That, until every cell and molecule is alive with the truth-consciousness, unconditionally, "enlightenment" is a relative term and state. Each relationship, condition and appearance potentiates a new and greater possibility for Self-realization, in the one and the many.


Enlightenment, as a term of manifestation, is a process, and in time, gradual. Yet, everything happens now. Process is what we see when we look backwards. There is nothing but this ... now. What appears to be gradual is the realization of that fact in time.


All is one. I cannot separate my own enlightenment with that of any other (or theirs from mine). Consciousness/God/Love/Self/That is moving towards its Self-awareness/experience in form as us, through us and through all conditions, with each moment along the way no less or more God than another. That is the nature of consciousness/God in manifestation. Every moment is another opportunity with new conditions for Self to come to recognize, experience and know itself in manifestation; it is another opportunity for Self-realization.

As it appears that the sun stops shining at night or that it is obstructed by clouds, it appears that "the light is either on or off" and that one is either enlightened or not. In truth the sun never stops shining even though we do not see it from the perspective of our spot on the earth. In connection with all faces of the one, in this dance of manifestation, there are lights of all colors, brightness and dim. The light on can be seen as knowing the truth behind all phenomena, essentially unaffected by it yet in relationship with it and through the many faces of the one touched by it at the phenomenal level. The relationships create alchemies that birth ever-unfolding mysteries through which the One can come to know itself in ways never before, as and through us, evermore.

I do not see enlightenment as some prize at the end of a journey but a process of being and becoming through Self-recognition, the light that we always already are in the face of the diverse appearances of manifestation. I see it as a lightening up, or of lightening the habits of burden that keep us from experiencing our birthright.

In other words, enlightenment can be seen as the living awareness of Self, liberated from any fixed identity beliefs or stories, dancing its free flow of Being, Consciousness and Bliss; Satchidananda in manifestation.


On Practice

I feel that I am not "searching" for THE answer or Truth anymore. But I'm still deepening into life, experiencing, learning, making mistakes, exploring different ways, realms and lokas, attempting greater feats, perfecting skills, surrendering to more awakened nows, getting lost, finding, finding new places that I forget, (or new places finding me) and then remembering, as new conditions arise learning to open and surrender more to the unknown, moving towards more consciously shared intimacy, feeling the will to bring beauty into manifestation, and feeling will to materialize the spiritual substance. As we are in bodies and in connection with the totality of all conditions, practice and utilizing techniques may be appropriate for being able to manifest deepening awakened awareness in a stabilized and consistent way unconditionally. But in truth nothing is necessary to realize the always already truth of being.... and in that light, anything which supports that is merely concretizing the illusion of our separation with it. Coming to the point of being able to see this may require practicing skills that undo the habits getting in the way of and contributing to our having forgotten breathing deeply and our stillness.



Transcendence is what we see when we look backwards and notice that there has been a shift. What is transcended is not the experience but a transcendence of the resistance to it. It is actually a total immersion into and embrace of the experience. Doing that transforms the experience and the appearance of it.

Transcendence is what can happen through the embrace of being fully right here right now with whatever arises.

If transcendence is merely a goal where one reaches with mind in a way to get beyond itself, it adds to the illusions of its duality and the sense of an "escape" as a result of denial, suppression or repression.


Form and Formlessness Getting it On

Towards the One, using the relative to bridge to the non-relative as these bodies temporal in their belief find themselves suddenly breathing into the now, their matter, mater, Mother transparent, shining essence's luminosity, reflecting new light, new appearances and new worlds as consciousness reveals ItSelf, as mater remembers HerSelf and lets go of old decision creating identities, relaxing, rendering Her more malleable to the Divine Will in action - and we see that all of these realities are real as they cannot be but That and the illusion is in their immalleability and the immalleability is the Divine playing hide and seek with ItSelf, experiencing ItSelf in Its infinite diversity - and as the stars are variables in the creation of probable realities, so are the archetypes, so are the you and the me forgetting and then remembering that we are One and then remembering that we are the many, the none, the All and any other measurable and immeasurable variable, each of our individuated signatures in their dance together creating the perfect alchemy for Self-realization and healing the scars of separation making whole the One Body that can play with every speck of ItSelf as the whole And as the part, where veils are lifted revealing every movement as dance and every sound as music until all knows itSelf as Love which It has always been as It waits for deeper recognition and clarification of ItSelf in time and space, this medium of becoming, this glorious expression of the Isness, the Sat expressing It's inherent Chit and Ananda, as Chit and Ananda also express each other and Sat, refining Self-recognition from cacophony to symphony without changing a sound and the ugly to the beautiful without changing the appearance, seeing the Divine Perfection of absolutely everything where the consciousness can then reflect ItSelf with new appearances, new symbolic representations of ItSelf circling back into and out of time and space, a spiral of Love, ascension and descension, involution and evolution spiraling to Self-knowing, removing the veil off of the spiritualization of the material substance as we in more and ever-expanding ways materialize the spiritual substance until these statements of differentiation no longer make sense because all is That, until the Divine wants to again say hello to itSelf but this time, who it says hello to recognizes who is saying hello and that the all-blissful has birthed Its pain and tortures and the all-knowing Its ignorance and confusion for the pure enjoyment of the Play, the Truth Consciousness infiltrating every pocket of matter, every cell knowing itSelf within the eternal embrace, spirit and matter endlessly making love.


What is Dance?

Dance is spirit tasting itself in form, from stillness to movement, chaos to harmony, cacophony to symphony, in all of its infinite diversity. Dance is what we call it when we see the movement and rhythm that is always already there. Dance is what we do when we let our bodies breathe our being into becoming and our becoming into being. Dance is the soul's love and laughter as it breathes into time. Dance is a heart explosion making love to the air. Dance is form and formlessness endlessly getting it on. Dance is the merging of sound and movement, where each feel like they are causing each other. Dance is God's living in time, as us, through us. Dance is a celebration of and total immersion into process. Dance is the manifestation of the fluidity of spirit in form. In that sense, dance is the resolution of paradox in form. Dance is a noun that is a verb that is life. Dance is our heart fire as it expresses itself through the body. Dance is a celebration in form of Now.


What is Grace?

Grace is one of the most ignored and misunderstood of all of the Divine's attributes or expressions. The Grace is always with us no matter what the appearances are. She (I'll femininize Grace- although I can easily call her "it") works through the appearances and as the appearances as well. When we recognize Her is when She appears as flow and what seems to be an easier and more harmonious expression of circumstances. When we do not recognize Her She expresses Herself with less harmonious appearances.

She is always there as the breath of God inhaling us deeper into ItSelf.
When we resist is when we do not recognize Her. The resistance creates our blocking Her flow and that is why Her apearances become more jagged.

The Grace is God inhaling us more into ItSelf and exhaling us deeper into life.
From a less dualistic perspective the Grace is God inhaling ItSelf as us, deeper into the One and exhaling Itself deeper into manifestation.
Grace is the breath of God. The breath of One as it flows into the many and then back into the One.


On the Appearances of "Right" and the Grace

As our perspective expands what resonates as "right" includes much more. As I see all of life as Divine what expresses itself to me is That expressing ItSelf. What is not "right" is separating from That. (That is how I would define sin - although I would not use the word sin because of the moral charge it holds). But the separation is what gives way to appearances which seem not to have this "Self-evident prior favor." The Grace is an "always already" phenomenon from an unseparated or nondual consciousness.



Faith is a secret the Divine tells itself of itself to remember while it believes itself to have forgotten.

Faith is the Divine as you/us remembering itself.


On Faith

My faith is in the fact that no matter what the appearances and outcomes will be, they are a gift of God waiting for my embrace. I do not believe that you will keep your word. I do believe that God acting through and as you will give me what I am to face. That includes your honor and your betrayal. There are beings that I have faith in but my love for their freedom and my awareness of the unpredictability of the Divine Will in Action has shown me not to have any attachments or expectations about their actions. I act with others "in good faith" that they will keep their word, and choose carefully who I interact with. Still, whatever does happen regardless of the appearances is meant for my embrace or full presence with it. I may hold people accountable, but God is innately so, and I surrender to that. I relinquish my human ideas of fairness to rtam bhrat (the vast Truth of knowledge and action). God's ideas of fair and right, I have found, are very different from human ideas of fair and right. I have learned not to second guess God except in the sense that I am faced with exactly what I am supposed to be faced with at any given time. I believe that God will take care of me, but I have no idea of what that will look like or whether it will feel good or not. That is my faith.


Devotion is the love-fire of God for itSelf; the spontaneous fire of the heart for itSelf; the natural movement of Truth as it moves towards its own recognition. Life is devotion's love child.


Living the Sacred Moment

The sacred moment recognizes itself through the experience of Divine beingness within the now, knowing itself and all around it as Divine.

The sacred moment is where the eternal being lives and sees all else as illusion, God's gateway to eternality.

The sacred moment is where the omniscient live and when living elsewhere know only what they have been taught.

The sacred moment is where Truth is holographic including the understanding of perfection in all points of view. Outside of the sacred moment one point of view would render the rest false.

The sacred moment loves for the joy and becoming of loving; a constant flowering of broadening heart to embrace lighter and deeper its healing touch of understanding and freedom on its ever-expanding world.

The sacred moment lives in beauty where only harmony and perfection are possible, because One lives in All, so all is beauty and perfection, (except to the perception of those living outside of the sacred moment).

The sacred moment lives outside of time and therefore it cannot judge, for it has no past or future to compare itself to.

The sacred moment knows only bliss, as it becomes that which it is perceiving and perceives All whose limitlessness is ecstasy.


Seeking: Its Inherence, Beauty and  Pitfalls

That which is always and already That is innate and inherent, as well as that which moves towards its infinite self-experience and knowing. Moving into diversity of experience and towards self-knowing and self-realization in all its guises is the nature of the One in its Play in manifestation. This measurable, relative universe provides the opportunity for us to experience Self in relationship with itself. So we are at once always and already complete. Yet the nature of manifestation is to experience this and in order to do that there is a here to a there; a process, which leaves open the possibility for our seeing the illusion that we are other than what we move towards or aspire to... and that we can be more or less That. When we believe that what we are reaching for is other than what we are, we concretize our perceived separation from it and obscure the awareness of the divine suchness which is always and already innate in all. Adding on top of that the illusory notion of "enlightenment" as a measurement of realization ends up further obfuscating That which is innate and our birthright into something apparently unreachable, or, possibly reachable with exceptional grace and "hard work." In a sense it makes rare something that is very natural and ordinary and obscures from our awareness the always already suchness in all of life including the mundane.

We feel a separation from what we aspire towards when we do not recognize ourselves as the same and one with what we are seeking.   The more that we 'seek' what we believe is other than ourselves, the more we concretize or reinforce the very illusions of separation that stand in the way of realizing our aspirations. This sense of separation is fed by our identifying solely through our individuation.  

Our Divine Nature calls to itself from within to be realized, which is such a beautiful expression of the Divine Will in action. Yet through our habits and illusions of separation it is translated like a nag that wants something it is not, which can then distort things.  

This distortion is compounded by our tendency to identify ourselves through the effort of our aspiration and then the need to invest more and more in that effort to validate our selves. When we have a vested interest in what we have built, we tend to continue to fortifying it with our beliefs. Within the momentum of that dynamic, non effort or stopping is not even a consideration because of the fear of failure, of the unknown, of non-being or of ceasing to exist.  Our actions and thoughts then become defenses against that.  Defending ourselves against the unknown is a path enmeshed in preconceptions and away from the realization of Truth. Our mental associations and representations of what we see further obscure or add story to what is.

"Not knowing" or not giving energy to mind and its constructions is a path towards getting beyond mind's limitations, but when aspirants deny or refuse Knowledge that comes through Silence and beyond mind so as not to give energy to knowing, they can stop a very divine flow and remove themselves from the very essence of the Truth of their being as the Allness that Is and Is Not, that Knows and Knows not.

Speaking to the Seeker in Conflict with Seeking

Trying to deny seeking is chasing your tail in one direction, and seeking for what you believe you are not is chasing your tail in another. Not allowing this innate aspect of yourself moving towards self-realization in form because of feeling that it will obfuscate self-realization is creating for yourself a double-bind.

You are at once "always, already" That and there is nothing that you can do or that you need to do to BE That ---- AND you are That coming to realize, know and experience self as the many faces of That in manifestation. If you allow both as they arise in your awareness you will not create division around it. My sense is that depression comes as a result of suppressing one and not accomplishing your ideas of another while judging yourself for it.

You are at once "always, already" That and there is nothing you need to do in order to BE That - AND you are always realizing Self through all of life. Realizing depression, Realizing joy, Realizing peace, Realizing sleep, Realizing unconsciousness, Realizing bliss, Realizing forgetting, Realizing suffering, Realizing awakening, Realizing something, Realizing nothing.

Can you find any place in your awareness which is undisturbed or unaffected by your seeking? Can you find that which is unperturbed by seeking or not seeking or what appears to be the conflict between the two and could include either or both?


Seeking is an innate aspect of Consciousness as a force of play in this relative, material, space-time universe. Consciousness, the Divine, God, seeks to know and experience ItSelf in Its infinite diversity as and through us. Where it becomes a paradoxical bind in the experience of the seeker, is when what is seeking perceives itself to be not of the same substance in its essential nature as that which it is seeking. It is then when the seeking separates oneself further in experience and identity from that which one aspires towards.

It is like trying to deny the inherent nature of the Divine within manifestation to deny the essence which seeks for or moves towards more of itSelf. Every cell seeks to be realized. When speaking about "letting go", "stopping" and the "always already" unconditioned self without acknowledging this, we set up a paradoxical bind in our beingness which creates a tension and conflict when "doing" or the desire to perfect or achieve happens, even if it arises out of this essence which moves to realize more of ItSelf.

Essence seeks for more of itself or moves towards its self-realization in manifestation. In manifestation this "seeking" or moving towards is innate. There is nothing but That; all movement can only be That being itself and whatever direction we might perceive it going, it is That going towards itself, either in awareness or in ignorance. May it be in awareness.  All eyes open to awareness dancing itself.


Ellen Davis - � 2000

Revised � 2008


Spirit and Form:

Spirit wakes up to ItSelf in/as form. It has always been there.

or it could be said:

Form wakes up to ItSelf as Spirit.

Mind/Conceiver is temporal/relative/limited and also Divine and Spirit, for what is not?

Spirit plays in the mediums of ItSelf of time, relativity and limitation. The Divine is experiencing ItSelf in Its diversity through Its Play within duality.

Trying to see Spirit with the mind is like trying to see the yard with naked eyes through a slatted fence. The trying, the mind and the slatted fence are spirit too.


Love Falling Into Itself

In viewing through this mystic heart, essentially, there is only Love and what does not know itself yet as Love. It can seem apparent that what does not know itself yet as Love is "not Love" - but in truth, it is all Love. And in that light what does not know itself as That inspires a greater clarification of ItSelf. Love can inspire what does not know itself as love to fall deeper into its not knowing. Its not knowing a gateway to experiencing hidden mysteries and inspiring in time greater clarifications of Self-knowing awareness. In my experience of the sacred eternal moment lived in time Love is a constant flowering of broadening heart embracing wider and deeper Itself as ever-expanding world. Love reaches into itself in all its dark pockets of matter and illuminates what is there so that it can know itself.

Love falls into itself as we fall in love. Love falls into itself when we feel we fall out of love.

Love IS regardless.



The force that seeks is That which re members;

re members that eternal touch

We are That Force re membering

new todays

Eternal yestermoments

and flowering tomorrows

as heart quickens

in anticipation

love drops trickle

from earth's heaven





with a whisper

with a song

with a symphony

Melody singing us as


Singing we


the nectar


sweet lips

of the beloved

we are


love drops

and what they trickle upon

we are nectar

on sweet lips

we are sweet lips

we are taste

we are beloved

love, lover and beloved


in a mad passion


ecstatic union


the awakening





The Inherence of Bliss

Bliss is prior to and "achieved" in the sense of it being realized or awakened to since being forgotten. It is "achieved" when looking through the lens of time and "always already" when looking through the lens of the timeless eternal.

Bliss is a ground inherency of Being, of Conciousness. It is the essence of Brahman. It is Self-delight. It is the infinite, illimitable, absolute original being that is us.
Pain, suffering and forgetting are inherent potentialites or probabilities of Being and at an essential level, the play of Bliss.

Question: "Would you surrender the bliss in order to re-experience the 'relative' ignorance and suffering of the lower levels, ie would you want to regress?"

Because all is one, until all beings are "enlightened" or living the truth consciousness individually and collectively I am not fully enlightened or living that. Bringing my bliss into time and the world of manifestation, into the body and the cells can be seen as regressing but it is its own progression. There is no surrendering the bliss, though in the process there may be forgetting it as consciousness moves into what does not yet know ItSelf.

There are infinite ways and means consciousness enters form. Only relative to a state is it seen as regression. From a perspective entering form and matter can be seen as as sacrifice. But it is the play of chit; of consciousness. And the ananda is inherent in that whether realized or not. Suffering, in that light, is the play of bliss. As God/consciousness moves towards itSelf in Self-Knowing awareness it suffers until it recognizes/re members ItSelf and sees the inherent delight of its own being/becoming thereby changing the experience and the face of its own suffering.


Defending Ourselves Against the Unknown

We are innately worthy, innately divine, and need do nothing to substantiate this. We are One enjoying our infinite diversity. Yet so often, through the journey of individuation and the veils of illusion that we can get lost in, to validate our place in the world and give ourselves a sense of identity, meaning, worthiness and security, we come to know and then to define ourselves in relationship to our world: "I am here and not there. I am fat and you are thin. I am fast and you are slow. I am bad and you are good. You won and I lost. You are this way and I am that way. I used to be this way and now I am that way. I believe this and you believe that."

We define ourselves through our conditions: "I am hot, I am cold. I am tired. I am old. I am young. I am hungry, I am horny. I am happy. I am sad. I am angry. I am depressed. I am sick. I am well. I am in love. I am lonely."

We define ourselves in opposition to the world or in identification with it: "You are this way and I am not like you. The world is this way but I am that way."

Then, to make it all even more meaningful, we create reasons to feel these ways. And the more reasons we have, the more that we think it gives us validity or justifies our existence. And if we do not have reasons, we judge ourselves as shallow or crazy.

When we avoid the unknown, the way that we think we will know where we are, is in relation to something else. And our "something else" is often not seen for what it is but through a streaming narrative about it built on preconceptions and the agenda to give ourselves a name, place and meaning in our world. What I am pointing to is distinct from a celebration and enjoyment of individuality and diversity. I am pointing to the momentum of the comparative mind and the way we shape our identity through our belief in our confabulations.

When we are uncomfortable with the unknown, we tend to defend ourselves against it; against NOW; against what is. We do this by layering on top of it meaning and stories and beliefs which place us in a context to where there is an appearance of knowing and an appearance of identity. We also do this through armoring our bodies with tensions and not allowing ourselves to breathe. When we surrender to the now without fixating in identity through our relationship to something else or our own conditions, we may see, if looking to find who we are, that there is no one there. If we do not see ourselves in relationship to something else we fear we may cease to exist, and in fact we (or the illusion) may cease to exist as a separated self-sense. And if there is no one there, there is no sense of a someone who can do something. And who are we and what value do we have if we do not do anything? Paradoxically, when we as awareness, without a fixated identity, surrender to the Now through a Silence, we are one with the present moment and can really see what arises and what to do much more intimately. This is awareness.

Approaching life with all of our preconceptions and self-referencing in relation to the world around us is like looking through glasses which are colored with designs and polka dots on them rather than through clear ones.

When we are insecure with the unknown and the present moment, we tend to do everything we can to avoid it. The irony is that in our avoidance, we end up creating the very thing we are trying to resist. The sense of division and separation that insecurity comes from creates more of itself. When we think those things that we experience as external or separate from ourselves will create sustainable meaning and security for us or when we have expectations for specific outcomes, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Our only true insurance is through a surrender to the present and it Silence. The only kind of meaning that is sustainable and not subject to the conditions of the moment is the awareness that is prior to all conditions.... and that is not a mental kind of meaning - it is the ineffable suchness of all of this and none of this, found not through thought and preconceptions, but through Silence.

We perpetuate the myths of our fears when we feel that we need to substantiate or validate ourselves with our confabulated meaning - as if we were not innately valid or worthy. We create stories and meaning where we are actually clueless. We define ourselves and all of life in relationship to our representations and interpretations of something else. It is habitually part and parcel of this relative/space/time/measuring world. If we had nothing to measure or reference ourselves in relation to, where would we be? Who would we be? I am not pathologizing this - it has created its own field for Self-experience and exploration. But I also see that doing it can obscure an experience of freedom where Truth and creativity flow unimpeded and stories Divinely intelligent unfold (supernovas, galaxies) without our adding stories to them that direct life in ways that mind and fear cannot with all of its gumption ever hope to. When we are awake to this and what is prior to our conditions within the conditions of duality, we can live without division; we can live eternity in time.

Revised �2008


Embracing Fully Where You Are

Student: "I know that what can change is illusory and imagine life will continue to seem to change until I starting truly thinking. But first I must learn how to truly think. But first I must stop finding special value in meaningless thoughts. Or so it would seem. But I could be wrong."

Life or consciousness is fluid and ever-changing. I would say to surrender to the present moment now more fully and do not worry about thinking or how to think. If you want the absolute, immutable, changeless you must see what is prior to all conditions and thoughts and paradoxically must allow yourself as That to be breathed and face what arises now including all conditions. Then you are dancing with those conditions in truth, bringing the awareness that you are to them rather than being run by them or adding to them by the meaning you give them through your stories and additional beliefs that were created avoiding or resisting them.

Student: "I may not need to do anything at all, except to allow life to be."

You may not. Life creates supernovas without the help of our mental thoughts. ;-)

Student: "I'm just not sure anymore. I am very confused."

Is it ok not to know? Can you rest there? You do not have to figure anything out, just embrace fully where you are. You can start with your feeling confused (if you still feel confused). Know yourself as that which is embracing rather than the one who is confused. The kind of inquiry that seems useful to me in this context is "Who am I?" Who is confused? Trace that back to its origins and all knots untie.


Unity Consciousness and Embracing Now

Question: What about those who do harm to self and others?

I would say that in unity consciousness, in connection with self and all, in the presence of now, one does not do harm to self or others. Those who experience harm or pain are triggering their primordial separation experience with stimuli they perceive, while at the same time resisting the eternal present now. And that triggered feeling calls for the attention and light of awareness; for our presence with it.

Surrendering to the present moment catalyzes a greater experience of unity. Antecedent to experiencing unity is embracing or allowing the immersion into "now."

Question: "Are we not all ignorant in some way for life is quintessentially mystery?"

Acknowledging the truth in this, is to acknowledge the immanent ignorance in all. Is it not for us to also recognize the immanent Divine, Truth or Knowledge in all as well, and see where we can responsibly live in balance thereby bringing light and awareness to ignorance? In surrender to the present, ignorance becomes the unknown mystery or in its pejorative connotation it is the departure from that presence and the resistance to it which ultimately creates suffering and pain.

The word "ignorance" is being used here synonomously with "unconsciousness", or that which we ignore or resist and not necessarily what I call the "unknown" which to me is more like pure potentiality.

The Phenomenal

What lives outside of the eternal now in awareness is phenomenal reality. I would not say that it is not reality, or illusory reality but that it is phenomenal reality. However, this does not mean that we do not have illusions in the relative space/time world. Non-phenomenal reality is non-relative, or adviatic (non-dualistic). Relative phenomenal reality is the Divine experiencing itSelf in Its infinite diversity within manifestation. It (multiplicity in time and space) is a medium of our, the One's, becoming. When the veils are removed one is able to Play in time, while not disengaging in awareness of the One or the nottwo.


stories live an inch away from now,
a breath away from yes.
their believability are contingent upon thought.
time and imagination are their food.
they are seeded by looking backwards or forward.
they are the dreams that help weave destiny

yet, when the storyteller is known
there is no time or distance from now
and 'yes', is the heart behind every breath.



Divine Love or Love which in its true sense and essence is Divine Love is the impulse, the spark and the glue that holds everything together; it is the heart of creation, the face behind the Shakti, the Maya and God itSelf. It is the beginning of beginnings and the end of endings. In manifestation, nothing can be without it. It never left during the original separation experience, it only forgot itSelf. And that forgetting was willed by the heart within the Supreme and the Supramental Truth. Indeed, the One's creation of the many to experience itSelf is a love affair. The reality of it was and will always be there, because at its essence all is That. The bridge to it is merely the Call, the prayer and then the remembering to that which is already there. What remembers, calls. The answers herald the questions. The true prayers are the Divine speaking to ItSelf. What yearns, yearns for ItSelf. What longs, longs for ItSelf. Otherwise how would it know or have any sense of what it was missing? We are in the process of re membering, of in our awareness, coming back together with and as Source, of bridging the inconscient and the superconscient. This remembering fully in the body and in matter, and what moves from that awareness, is what I sense is what beloved Sri Aurobindo calls the supramental manifestation.


Saying Yes to Now

Q: "Can one detox the colon through positive thinking?"

Not positive thinking... Though not negative thinking either. But by saying yes to NOW. By being in present moment. By embracing what arises without pasting positive placations on top of it or postulating negative realities out of it either. By being with it without fixating on it. By not adding story to it which mucks up your gut. By allowing the story to unfold without the story. By saying yes to this and this and this and this.....including your no's but not at the expense of your nows. By allowing yourself to digest this moment, fully, letting it flow through you. When you surrender to this moment healing happens... the energy flows through... there is nothing to obstruct it.

Colonics given to someone who habitually fixates on past and future is like vacuming a room in a dust storm.


Q: "How do you tolerate or otherwise deal with those who are truly "toxic" and evil beings? I have no choice but to try.. but feel contaminated.. exposed to a virus that no ritual cleansing can undo. They get to you at a very deep they intended, but they are in deep shit and need help. Can you save the drowning man without going under yourself?"

I would first let go of your ideas that they are toxic or evil because that immediately sets up resistance in your body. They are another face of the Divine. Stay out of trouble - I mean don't go into a lions den. But if you find yourself in there and they are not physically attacking you but maybe are psychically or vibrationally, relax your body and breathe. The best thing is to be in that space already as you enter. Know the love that you/we are and you will be impervious to all which does not know itself yet as love. Knowing down to the deep caverns and crevices of belief held within the body is the challenge. If you are not drawn to be somewhere and with certain of us listen to that. But do not tense up or make decisions around it.

What I see is this: Like vibrations attract. If for some reason, I find myself having to face an energy which resonates within me a toxic response I feel that first of all, it is showing me where that is within me. If I was clear it would pass through me.

There have been times I have been around energies that I resisted in some way and they attached themselves to the tension of my resistance, though there may not have been an actual vibrational resonance with what I was resisting in them, within me (for the exception of my resistance itself).

There have been other times where I was not resisting in any conscious way anyone person or thing but I was not open to life and life's flows, and subsequently, energies attached themselves to me. They (toxic energies) attach to the resistance.

I am seeing that it is not the energy that is inherently toxic. What makes it toxic is the resistance itself. It mirrors within the body the resistance itself. Resistance can be a kind of unconsciousness some around here call a contracted heart, or a tension that does not realize the safety of relaxating into the truth of our being; the love we are. It could just be a resistance or tension somewhere in the body that other energies can attach to. These places in my body which "do not know themselves yet as love."

My experience is that love is impervious to those kinds of vibrations. The attitude of embrace rather than resistance is a loving one. Pema Chodron, who I have not read, but heard speaking on the radio spoke of breathing it (the upset, or "negativity") in, which is the opposite of what we might be inclined to do. I "resonated" very much with this approach.

I had an interesting year in India entering there with my attitude of embrace. Whereas here in the western world, like vibrations attract in terms of values and even in the way James Redfield dramatized what I would call the Grace (that we are here together means there is something we each have for each other). I was so open and ready to meet the world: all boundaryless. I saw that I was faced with all kind of disparate energies everywhere that I engaged just by being who I am nevertheless my pumped up and out auric field I was used to feeling fine with in the western world. Even though I want to feel one with all doesn't mean I want to engage all to interact with me. I had to learn to pull in my energy while not closing my heart and going into a resisting, self-protective mode. It felt like patting the head while rubbing the tummy at first. It demanded much more awareness but no less of an open heart. Then it was seeing that although I had all kinds of energies all around me all of the time, who actually "showed up" to my awareness and called to my heart was what I was "meant" to face. Which is really the same as it is here but there it required more subtle awareness.


Embracing the Shadow

Embracing means to me being present with what arises... fully feeling and being with it. Embracing shadow means shining the light on shadow so it no longer lurks in the shadow but in the light so that you can see it. Shadow is that which I have not learned to accept, understand or forgive within my self. In that I view the world as not separate from me, any judgement i have about the world is my shadow.

I embrace the world's shadow as my own. Yes, I embrace the serial killer by knowing him as another face of me... and of God. I embrace that which tortures not by saying yes to the behaviour but by saying yes to the no within me that thinks that it is or they are separate from God and myself.

When I embrace something I am able to dance with it more affectively. Even in my embrace of not knowing, I am able to relax more. Through my being more present with it, I am able to understand it (and my relationship to it) more and know better how I want to proceed. I am in surrender to the Divinity which will eat me up through the tiger, or to the Divinity of my capability to out wit any given adverse-to-our health and well-being situation. This may mean dancing with it myriad ways including saying no to it, taking cover from it, fighting it, or transmuting it. Self-Knowing Love has many expressions.


Acceptance and Love

I would say that I love all, but (in this context) love does not mean to me approval or liking a lot. It is a state of being which is not conditional upon the appearances or circumstances in my life. I could love my neighbor but not want to have dinner with her. I love her as another face of the Divine and yet may never be drawn to speak to her. I may love all at the KW Forums and yet only be drawn to respond to a few names. I may not accept what some of those individuals say and have to honor in my response my truth which may accept who they are innately but disagree with what they are saying.

I may see a Hitler as having acted in an evil way but I see him at the same time as another face of God. I may fight the acts by loving the man. And love too has many faces. But for the part of me that is Hitler to heal, love must be brought to it. If we kill him there is no healing. If we accept what he is doing he continues to kill. So I would fight the acts but love the man. My fighting the acts is loving the man, in fact. My seeing his Divinity and reflecting that back to him enables him to see it.

The way I act in the world is coming out of the awareness and experience that all is love/God but so is my idiosyncratic truth. I accept all from the standpoint of knowing that all is God. But I do not accept in moments the way that expresses itSelf in manifestation. Generally if it is not Self-Knowing and coming from a separative consciousness, I take exception, if called. I take exception to the act and accept totally the immanence at its core. At the same time I have no attachments to the outcome of my taking exception. I accept the outcome, inwardly as being the Divine will. At the same time I may be called to fight the outcome. So my emotional body is shanti, but I may be called to act forcefully. If my emotional body is affected then I have healing to do. Then it becomes about me and my emotional reactions. Those reactions show me where my work is within myself.

My love is not conditional upon my worlds behavior or understanding. But their behavior and understandings may move me to bring my love signature to them.


Self-doubt is a destructive use of memory.


On Paradox

The appearance of paradox is substantiated by those who are not able to reconcile opposites, who see dualistically supported by their mental identification with the future and past of time. The timeless embraces and transcends relativity. There are no contradictions when there is no future or past to compare anything to.
All resides in the now; all resides in the one.

Ken Wilber said something like paradox only appears like paradox to a dualistic mind. Duality measures space with time and time with space. Remove time from the "equation" and there is nothing to measure with.


On Dreams

Dreams are the creative will in seed form;
they can be manifestation's promise and fruit and they can be manifestion's veils.
Dreams are God's imagination as and through us and life.
Dreams are God's breathing eternity into time and time into eternity.
Dreams are what we are too afraid to let ourselves have, and what we are too afraid to let ourselves wake up from.
Dreams are the fear that keeps us from waking up.
Dreams are the mind weaving reality, and the conditions of reality weaving the mind.
Dreams are essence finding its way through form and idea.
Dreams are the subconscious's way of whispering in code to itself.
Dreaming is a way for a soul to contact, commune and experience different realms of being.
Dreams are a canvas that God paints its impressionism on.
Dreams are our future; our past remembered; our present realized.
Dreams are where the imagination lives and are the doorway to creativity.
Dreams are love's fire realizing itself through life's infinitude.


Dreams and Desire

Question: "Would you agree that dreams are, to a large extent, about Desire--unfulfilled cravings and incomplete understanding of the nature of things."

Dreams could be about that. In this piece on dreams, I alluded to a positive view of dreams and a negative or pejorative view.... as there is of desire. There is waking from the dream of our illusions or from the samsara of tanha; from attachment and desire. And there is entering the dream of our visions, desire and passion; dreams born from the truth of our soul, from Self moving towards Self experience, from That spawning That made manifest, from essence breathing itself in form, from our innate joy laughing its eternity into manifestation, from the truth of our being, satchidananda, echoing its memory through vision and seeding mystery, discovery, invention, creativity and realization.

If we are to measure "understanding" against some standard in context of the infinite possibilities of Self-realization, than understanding will always be measured as "incomplete".... and through that measurement we will twist and turn ourselves as we chase our tails judging and pathologizing where we are as we attempt to spiritually bypass what is innate to being. As long as Self is realizing itself here in form and through multiplicity there will be a place for dreams. There will be those dreams that obscure, veil and weave realities that apparently disempower the dreamer and forget Self and there will be those dreams that reveal Self in all of its infinitude. Nevertheless, all of it is Self's playground for experience and realization. We are not only here realizing the All or the Nothing, but one of most challenging and profound of journeys, (often given short shrift by those deeming themselves "spiritual"), we are realizing our humanness. The dream is not other than the breath of fire of Self.

I think much of the knot tying up liberation has to do with the way we fix ourselves in identity more than desire, per se. Who is the dreamer? According to Swami Prajnanapad (who I do not know of except for the following that I read somewhere and I feel draws the perfect distinction here): To be awakened does not mean that one is "without desire" but "free to desire."


On Intuition

Intuition is informed by the essential suchness of the depths into which it has plunged. It is the breath of flowing awareness that occurs through stillness when preconceptions are out of the way. It is a song that arises in the dance between an immersion into what is before one and a clear connection of the heart and third eye chakras. The heart is a bridge of information from the root to the crown, from the earth and from that which is beyond. Through its allowing embrace, the heart is the melting pot, and integrator, and each chakra is like a receptacle of another aspect of awareness in interfacing with the world. Intuition is inclusive of past knowledge without being tied to past knowledge. It is the result of deep listening within and a grace of inspiration in connection with that which inspires it. Intuition is the grace of a yoga of awareness with knowledge, and of the silence that informs and allows for that. A function of intuition is self-trust. Conditions of intuition are the fire that burns at the heart of stillness and silence.

In the visual and performing arts and music, intuition can be a subliminal arm of inspiration, aesthetics and taste. It informs composition, the harmonies that resonate and the accents that contrast. It informs vision and expression that propel expansion and an evolution of consciousness.

Intuition is a yet to be realized voice whispering to be recognized. It echoes wisdom of the soul because like soul, it looks at the conditions and play of time through a timeless eternal awareness.

Sometimes transrational knowings such as psychic perception, and whatever cannot be proven, such as higher truth consciousness, are called "intuition." These transrational knowings are sometimes hidden behind what we can more easily prove or recognize, or what we are less embarrassed to call "intuition."

Intuition is the voice of one's innate creative intelligence in communion with its surrounding conditions.

� November 2007  


The Original Separation Experience

Through individuation and our original separation experience when the One became the many and sought to experience itSelf in infinite diversity, it set up the probability of forgetting and the medium of time and relativity creating a condition where it could measure and compare and forget that which seeks is That. This set up the possibility of a refinement and revealment of ItSelf in ItSelf. "I the Self reveal Self by Self in Self." Without the implicit/explicit multiplicity in Unity, Unity would be a non-existent empty void and more finite as it wouldn't contain the unlimited field of possibilities within it. What seeks is Itself for ItSelf. The memory of this original separation experience, and its fragmentation is at our core and seeks for what it senses it is not, in the desire for Its completion. We got caught up in the seeking and the forgetting, investing more and more in the beliefs of our limitations; the beliefs that we are not That which we seek. And these beliefs have been reinforced for millennia. And the more we have sought, the more noble have our efforts been considered. And the more our efforts have been considered noble, the more we have invested in and defined ourselves by them. And the more we have defined ourselves by them, the more we have invested in not attaining their end. How could it be so easy as just letting go? That is one reason why realization is so rare.


On Teaching and Learning

A student creates the teacher. Without the student learning, ie teaching themselves, there is no one who has taught anything. The student also creates themselves as "student" through their openness to learn. Without the creative will of the student a teacher could teach from now until doomsday and will not have "taught" anything, except perhaps to themselves. A teacher can inspire, influence and share information if the recipient is open to it.

A good teacher is usually a great student and learning all of the time even from their own students. A good student is usually a great teacher as they have to be to usher themselves into a greater awareness or knowledge.

If "transmissions" are involved, there is a Conscious Will operating beyond all of this unless the vehicle and the recipient are aligned in awareness in the process and/or if the vehicle for the transmission is in identification with that Will and Its Source. Still, the Shakti Force finds its way to where there is an opening.

It is the taught that has created there having been a teaching. It is the students that create the teachers. It is the students' creative interpretation of the stimuli that enables them to receive it.

When you're in love, all of life is guru.


On Darshan (Revealing the Divine)

It is not merely the teacher/guru who gives darshan but those who receive it giving it by seeing the divinity within or as you.

Teachers watch out! Who you speak to is who will answer. If you see and speak to the Divine that is who will answer.

You must receive the darshan to create the experience of it having been given because in truth all of life is constantly giving us darshan. Rare is it unveiled by the giver who is Self-aware and offering That to who is in their awareness not other than That and rare is it unveiled by those seeing the divinity in life beyond the appearances that do not have "guru" or "avatar" stamped on their head.

Receive life's darshan and you will be giving life darshan.
This is where you move mountains.


The Inner Teacher

The "inner teacher" is always the one guiding... through its journeys including in surrender to apparently outer gurus and giving up its power, it can dissolve the distinctions of division in appearance of inner and outer.

Some feel "safer" doing what a madman tells them than trusting themselves and their "inner" guidance that originates from the unknown. I have always encouraged those to honor their Inner Guru first, because I see that as aligning consciously with the way it is anyway. I do see that outer gurus not caught up in the survival of devotees' egos can be helpful in illuminating the difference between the ego and Self - or disillusioning what can be disillusioned in a more accelerated way than might be had without them. But it is the Inner Guru that lead them to this outer teacher. And it is only That which can recognize itself. The outer guru can only be a reflection of what is the essential suchness of all receiving his/her/its transmission. And if the truth of One is illuminated, there is no difference between them or who called who to whom. So conceptually, you can look at it from any direction and see the truth in it. If there is a sense of self in identification with Self and that is associated with the outer guru and the self of the seeker is seen as small or separate than it will seem as though the outer guru awakened the inner guru. If there is a sense of self where Self is associated with the Inner Guru than all outside becomes a reflection of That. But in apperception or nonidentification the totality through and beyond all conditions moved as it did with no inner or outer just Consciousness in its dance of coming to know itself.


Ramana Maharhshi said that there is no difference between God, Guru and Self. In this awareness where there is no difference between you and me, there is no greater joy than to touch your feet. There is nothing self-demeaning about it. It is glory.


A mind of light is a mind that has fallen to its knees before the Heart and is open to the Silence that breathes through it.


The hour of God is now as we step into the timeless eternal and know ourselves as what we have aspired towards.


When love is something to be measured by mind and values we can tell ourselves we do not love when someone or thing does not measure up. When love is experienced as a state of being and all there is, how can we not love, it is who we are!


Essentially it is no one that those coming to satsang wish to see and have reflected back to themselves. They come to disappear and to see no one. "No one" is laughing.

The One in the Two

I feel You like my essence desiring more of itself.
It can feel like an anguished longing with just a slight shift.
I give it its Play and remember.

This love knows no bounds.
It seeks to merge with itself and multiply.
It seeks to inundate, penetrate and permeate the world.

You ignite me. I am on fire.
Without Your touch I feel I will burn to ash.
With Your touch I feel I will burn to ash.
As this something gives birth to a greater nothing,
this nothing gives birth to a greater something.
I am
being breathed by this love.

Waxing fullness, Empty me!
Waning emptiness, Fill me!

a dance of desire having its way.
a dance in time
a dance of rythmic pulsing:
a part to come together
to come a part
to come together

a dance where time stops.
a dance where empty and full
are one and the same.
past present and future
dance, dancer and danced
me and you

and yearning again.

She so enjoys the yearning.
It's her greeting as she re-enters time
and re members her forgetting
and forgets her re membering.
It is her as God
feeling Its power through her powerlessness,
through the two.

through this "Take me!"
through this "I want you!"

as the one in the two
seeks for itself
until we find ourselves
as One


Elemental Journey

While in eternity I visited fire and found myself in all of the elements.
I felt my dance with wood.
I yielded, becoming it; ravished, resisting it; ravaged, besieged.
Sparked by its water elements sending smoke signals of our love making;
Air teasing sparks of sizzling, popping, whining moans.
My flame a blaze of blue, ice hot, still, disappearing.
Becoming wood, feeling my surrender and fight with fire,
A passionate dual at moments stopped,
Flames disappearing inside of me as my strength of stillness hushed all movement;
We become one, a communion, a marriage, fires of ecstasy,
our progeny dropping from us as orgasmic timbers of glowing, sustained bliss, devouring each other to ash as they ignite us into greater abandon.
I tasted eternity and visited earth, air and water and found myself in all of the elements.

Love Eternal

She walks in beauty like the night*
And the moon cloaked in heaven casting shadow and light.
Her life knows no boundaries, in it her soul takes flight,
My lover, sweet beloved, soft Mother of Sight.
Her eyes see beauty, perfection and no fight
Between yes, no, high, low, dark and light.
Cherishing diversity, celebrating its play,
Honoring even those closed to the day.
Mistress of Truth, Master of Love,
Stretched out in surrender, so below as above.
Infinity I do see when I meet her gaze;
Eternal, supernal, beyond mind's maze.
In her arms I rest from future and past,
Until the prayer comes for it to ever last
Where she laughs and laughs and laughs in my night,
Tickling all of the cobwebs out of their fright.
A child, her innocence giving birth to creation,
Seeds sprouting spirit within manifestation.
All of this she sees so equally in me,
Embracing every opportunity with her lover to be.
In joy, in gratitude, at each other's feet we meet.
Alone, together, always complete.
Greater a whole our union creates
Freedom, healing, opening new gates.
Our trust in God, revealing life impersonal.
Our alignment with Truth and what is invincible.
Our focus on Love and what brings greater balance.
Our insurance a surrender to the present and its Silence.
Splendour is the Grace which brought her to me
as my sun as my moon as my mystery.
In each other we see ourselves and the Divine,
Masks thinning, spirits winning, souls forward to shine

*The first line, "She walks in beauty like the night" is from a poem by Lord Byron called She Walks in Beauty. - It was given in a radio poetry contest as the first line of poem to complete and I didn't know it was from Byron and hadn't read his poem until several years after writing my poem.


My true Beloved stands behind every pair of eyes waiting to be seen.
My true Beloved sees from behind my eyes, the Beloved in others.

On Forgetting

In the field of eternality what is real cannot be threatened.
In the field of time (manifestation) what is real is created by our thoughts.
Like children, we are playing in our imaginations.
The ecstatic wakes up realizing it was only a dream and remembering lives the dream embracing and therefore bringing a new light to the limitation of thought and the limitlessness of silence, playing in both worlds at once; loving the field of time where she can enjoy infinite diversity and embrace the I Am which is You too and loving the field of eternality where all is one, one is all, everything is nothing and nothing is everything.

I embrace the I Am in the infinite forms of You.

Only through our thoughts in this field of manifestation is it possible to forget that all is God, all is Love, all is Beauty and all is Perfection.
Only in this field of time is there such a thing as Love and what does not know itself yet as Love, God and what does not know itself yet as God, Beauty and what does not know itself yet as Beauty and Perfection and what does not know itself yet as Perfection.

Truth hidden within reflecting shadows and light calling to reveal itself, creating light in the darkest corners.

Forgetting is a magical trick God gave us to open up limitless potentialities within the field of manifestation so that our embrace be fuller when we remember so that light expands into more of itself.
It is the trick that potentiates Love, a constant flowering of broadening heart to embrace wider and deeper its ever-expanding world (it potentiates love, the nature of which is expansion).
Most of our societies are built upon the miracle of forgetting - few upon remembering.
Inevitably all remember, but those that have forgotten remember through time and relativity once they have let go of time and relativity.

There is the seed of the all-knowing within the ignorant because only the all-knowing could have birthed the ignorant.
There is the seed of the all-blissful within the tortured because only the all-blissful could have birthed the tortured.
Birthed to potentiate expansion.
Birthed to enjoy the play.

We have all gone mad forgetting that we are pretending.
The ones who are locked up remembered, but forgot how to play the game that will keep them safe from the forgetting pretenders.

Forgetting is the most amazing drug there is.



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