Satsang with Ellen

Satsang with Ellen


Essentially, there is only Love and what does not know itself yet as Love.
As Love meets Love in form, as it recognizes itself, it spreads everywhere waking itself up to its own glory!
We are here as God in time, experiencing ourself in infinite diversity -  Ellen Davis

Ellen invites you to join her and share in an atmosphere of satsang; of being together in truth.

Through Silence and in full embrace of the present moment,

                               she facilitates an undivded awareness by reflecting back to you your unconditioned being; 

                                          that which is innate to all of us,  "always already" perfect or beyond such standards of measurement, 

and essentially unlimited, undivided, and one with all.

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Telephone satsang, spiritual mentoring, whole-person healing, or holistic life-coaching and guidance by email are also available.


Dear Friends:
 I see satsang as an opportunity for a Gnostic association of all  present. I do not see it as a panacea, or even as what would be appropriate for or of interest to everyone.  Isolated, it cannot replace, but only be part of an integrated and perpetually integrating embodiment of enlightened action and awareness.  It is an association in Truth - or more specifically, a shared awareness of that association which IS regardless of our recognition of it or not.  It is a place where we can rest in the awareness of what is prior to conditions and at the same time face with that awareness all arising conditions. I hope to attract those wanting to step into the conscious recognition of that with me.
For those looking for a teacher with the answers and to perpetuate the same old patterns inherent in their looking for a savior or someone to put up on a pedestal; for those not willing to realize their divinity through even the most "ordinary" and where they are right now, my satsang will not be an attractive vehicle for them.  
Satsang and Darshan (revealing the Divine) have been all mixed up in this culture, and I sense that people go to satsang for darshan. All of life is constantly giving us darshan and I am sure that I am not exempt from that (and giving life my darshan).  But we can receive it anywhere, and it is not exclusive to satsang teachers and saints. I feel it is up to us to receive it (rather than wait for or expect someone to give it).
If I am a teacher for someone in a moment, so be it.  If I am a student or learning from you, (which I so often am), so be it. But I do not so much think in terms of teacher/student or Mother/child, etc., but of just sharing with the many diverse faces of the Beloved/the Divine/Self in mutuality.  I think that in truth our relationships are fluid and ever-changing.  We are all many things and different aspects are called forth from each other in different moments depending on the totality of all conditions and what lies prior to them.  I am interested in being together with others who are willing to step into that awareness with me ... and allow That which comes through the Silence to breathe through.  It is a surrender to the unknown.
The last satsangs I held were what I called "new paradigm" satsang.  We sat in a circle and I invited us to yield to where the energy was in a nonhierarchical way ... allowing the archetypal nature of our relationships to breathe and be flexible or even disappear.  I was willing to say nothing if nothing arose ... and allow the "teacher" or whatever to come through any or all others.  I invited us to let go of the assumptions inherent in the form of satsang and other learning institutions we have in the West that adhere to the notions that I am the teacher and you are the students, that you have the questions and I the answers or that I know/have/am something and that you do/are not. In the light of coming together in Truth, I find that these assumptions, along with any agendas habitually innate to the structure of satsang, unexamined, undermine that very Truth and Force of Inquiry and the aliveness of spirit as it breathes through us in its diverse and creative ways.  
Now, I invite you, in the spirit of  surrendering to Silence and the unknown, in the shared awareness of the possibility of our all opening to and being the voices of Gnosis and in the spirit of saying yes to Now and embracing and facing whatever arises, to join me in this awareness and Play.  
All of my love,

Breathing Eternity Waves Into Time
Poetry, reading and photos by Ellen Davis

Ellen has been teaching new paradigm ballet with a metaphysical approach for over 40 years.  She lived and taught at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India. She is currently offering Whole Person Healing, Life Coaching sessions and private satsang as well as teaching the yoga of ballet.  She has been writing a books on the creative process and Living Eternity in Time.
Telephone satsang, spiritual mentoring and guidance, or holistic life-coaching are $65-$95/hr - sliding scale.  Guidance through email is also available.
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