Whole Person Healing with Ellen Davis

Essentially, there is only Love and what does not know itself yet as Love.

As Love meets Love in form, as it recognizes itself, it spreads everywhere waking itself up to its own glory!

We are here as God in time, experiencing ourself in infinite diversity

 - Ellen Davis

Ellen has been on a “conscious path” since childhood.  A professional ballet dancer and choreographer, she has been teaching “new paradigm” ballet and improvisational dance with a metaphysical approach for over 30 years.  She lived and taught at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India. Still teaching the yoga of ballet and writing on living eternity in time, she has found a continued awakening of her healing abilities that she offers to you now.

Whole Person Healing

Whole-person healing sessions are held in an atmosphere of Satsang where there is a transmission of energy/awareness from that which is in conscious alignment and surrender to truth and the greatest good for all. Ellen has no preconceived ideas about what that is but allows it to be revealed in surrender through silence and the unknown. The session may include hands on energetic healing, coaching, conversation, breathing, movement, massage, sitting in stillness, and, in any case, love.

In consideration of the body, mind and spirit, and self, soul and essence as One, Ellen facilitates what she calls soul-dancing in life by reflecting back your wholeness and that which is undivided and unlimited. A greater congruency between what is so often perceived as disparate and conflicting aspects of self becomes manifest.

Those experiencing physical or mental pain, illness, life-problems or conflict, or those wanting to experience deeper levels of flow, surrender to the present, joy, truth, fulfillment and freedom in their lives are encouraged to contact Ellen.

Ellen is available to reflect back awareness of what is always already perfect, unlimited and one with all. In facing and embracing perceived obstacles, conflicts and limitations as they come forward, a deeper surrender to the present-moment is actualized, where one is more available to the consciousness which will enable resolution of those obstacles. So often these perceived obstacles are the gateways to greater understanding of self and world and therefore may still serve one until they gain that understanding or freedom. If interested, you will be offered a technology on how to surrender more deeply to silence and to recognize those thoughts that limit and identify you through your resistance and pain. In that recognition which is not identified through the pain, there is greater empowerment and freedom.

Ellen is available for spiritual guidance, private satsang, coaching and counseling. In person, telephone and Zoom sessions are based on a gift economy or a sliding scale depending on what you can afford. Contributions or donations are welcome if those feeling served are so moved to give them. You can make payments or donations via PayPal


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To contact Ellen for appointments, including Zoom or telephone sessions or private satsang call
310 962-6813        ellentd@aol.com

Donations or payments for in person, Zoom, telephone or email consulting can be made through Paypal.