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Adult Ballet Classes with Ellen Davis

Careful, nurturing, attentive, professional training,
Honoring each individual body, mind and spirit


Yoga of Ballet: Classical Ballet Taught with a Yogic Approach

Former owner-director of Rozann-Zimmerman Ballet Center in Los Angeles, Ellen Davis danced with the Stuttgart Ballet Company and was a Ford Foundation scholarship student at the School of American Ballet in N.Y.C.

Ellen has taught beginning through professional level ballet for over forty years in the United States and abroad. She is currently in Los Angeles and starting classical ballet and pointe classes for adults.

Ellen uses the teaching of dance as a way of evoking self-acceptance, beauty, balance, grace, a sense of unity and love for the process of learning.
She takes a yogic approach to teaching and acknowledges and nurtures the "dancer within" all of her students,
giving careful and attentive professional training
regardless of age, body-type, limited self-belief, or level of training.
She believes that along with proper placement and technique, the awakening of expressive truth, musicality and one's innate creative intelligence
are equally important in empowering dancers to use the body as a means of creative self-expression and extend the grace of dance to all of life.

Ellen is also a certified yoga instructor and facilitator of improvisational dance workshops.
She is available for private coaching in yoga or ballet, guest teaching, improvisational dance workshops,
semi-private classes, or spiritual counseling by appointment.
No experience or level of fitness and youth necessary!
 Come dance as you are!
 Classes held in Santa Monica and WLA. Call for schedulee
 Contact Ellen at ellentd@aol.com 310 962-6813        www.ellendavis.org

 url for this page: www.yogaofballet.info



What is Dance?

Dance is spirit tasting itself in form, from stillness to movement, chaos to harmony, cacophony to symphony, in all of its infinite diversity.
Dance is what we call it when we see the movement and rhythm that is always already there.
Dance is what we do when we let our bodies breathe our being into becoming and our becoming into being.
Dance is the soul's love and laughter as it breathes into time.
Dance is a heart explosion making love to the air.
Dance is form and formlessness endlessly getting it on.
Dance is the merging of sound and movement, where each feel like they are causing each other.
Dance is God's living in time, as us, through us.
Dance is a celebration of and total immersion into process.
Dance is the manifestation of the fluidity of spirit in form. In that sense, dance is the resolution of paradox in form.
Dance is a noun that is a verb that is life.
Dance is our heart fire as it expresses itself through the body.
Dance is a celebration in form of Now.

Ellen Davis 2001



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